Zego Double Protein Organic Oats


Experience the delicious robust flavor of our specialty organic , purity protocol gluten-free rolled oats (<5PPM gluten). Our raw oats naturally have double the digestible protein of typical oats. And they are hull-free making them easier on your gut. We also purity verified them for over 400 pesticides, heavy metals, mycotoxins, anti-nutrients, & allergens. Beautiful recipes for all images are in our website Magazine!


All other oats on the market are heat treated 1-2 times before you get them. Our raw oats are COLD-PROCESSED, which preserves their natural already higher protein, fiber, iron, & their active enzymes. 

Raw oats require special attention in preparation because they begin fermentation as soon as water is added (due to active enzymes and biome!). We have careful yet simple instructions on the back of each bag to help you succeed in enjoying the best oats you will ever have.


NO: Glycophosphate, mycotoxins, anti-nutrients, or Paraquate!


made in USA