Hi I’m Charity Godwin, owner of the Amarillo Eats Organic, LLC
Thanks for your interest! We offer organic produce bundles ranging from $25-$65 large bundle, small bundle, fruit bundle, veggie bundle, surprise sample bundle, or donation bundle E-gift cards if you know a family in need you want to donate to. You can MIX and MATCH the bundle sizes to meet your family’s needs. We also offer case sizes and 6 other produce items you can add to your order a la carté each order. The produce changes weekly for variety. We also offer local vendor items under "SHOP LOCAL" like AGA Certified ground beef from Holy Cow Beef in Lubbock, Karma Farms Fresh Eggs, LONE OAK FARM DUCK EGGS AND ELDERBERRY SYRUP, local honey, Southwest BISON, organic grocery items, & MORE! You can order all of this online and have it delivered to your house for $5 or you can pick it up at 1 of our convenient locations. Produced is brought in every weekly year round. We give your  produce order straight from the truck to you on the same day so it is fresh! You can order other grocery items and local vendor favorites to be added to your produce order or you can order on our website anytime for a $5 delivery and we will do our best to deliver within 2 hours.
Here’s some answers to frequently asked questions:

FAQ: Where does the food come from? Our USDA Certified organic produce comes from the same companies who supply stores with their organic produce.

Find community, recipes, education and inspiration here: email, text, and facebook. We are revamping our website - amarilloeatsorganic.com so please be patient with that process. We also have some pantry staples, refrigerated items, and frozen foods on hand to shop through at (Westcliff location only or on our website under “groceries delivered today”) You can also order entire cases of your favorite produce or grocery items by emailing amarilloeatsorganic@gmail.com or you can buy the case and split it with friends and family. (Restaurants, people who love to juice produce, or large families)
*Some Features of joining Amarillo Eats Organic vs. shopping:
Consistent Price
Consistent Supply
Fresh off the truck❤(lasts longer)
Guaranteed replacements
Usually less $ than organics at the store
Usually equal to what conventional food would cost
No shopping time (order online!)
DELIVERY 🚚 to your porch available for $5 :)
Free Pick up available at 4 locations
The food changes every week so we have lots of variety. It’s delivered every  week on FRIDAY year round. It’s $40 for a small bundle, fruit, or veggie bundle but most people opt to buy a large bundle and split it with a friend, family member, or neighbor because it truly is a better deal. Organic produce, local item favorites, & grocery delivery all ordered from a 1-stop-shop online. We don’t keep produce in stock all the time (produce pop up shop) but when we receive it every week, it’s our goal for the produce to go from truck to you as quickly as possible to insure freshness and quality. For this operation to run smoothly prepayment is key (so that we have the money to order the food before it comes in.) You can pay easily on our website by debit/credit card online once you place your order. You can also pay via Venmo app. Sezzle is another great way to pay for your 2 weeks worth or month worth of groceries in an easy to pay payment plan you set up with Sezzle.
We ask that you please be flexible with orders. We like to provide you with a list of what’s coming a week in advance so you can meal plan, however, sometimes when working with produce and ordering produce we have items that might not come in due to supplier issues or some that come in that are not great quality. When this happens occasionally, we like to give you a comparable item when possible or send you a refund.
Please know it is always our intention to give you the best looking produce. Occasionally when we sort items we miss placing an item in your bin Or sometimes we might miss that something doesn’t look like great quality (moldy/worm holes, soft spots). When this happens we will always make it right please let us know before 8 AM the Saturday after receiving your order, So we can bring you a replacement if available or send you a refund.

FAQ: Do I have to order every week?

No, you do not have to order every week. You have the option to order whenever you want. That’s up to you. Automatic order commitments are helpful but not required – Order when you need to and don't order when you don’t need to. Without 20 orders minimum for Amarillo, we can’t order food. (We have had more than 20 since 11/2019) Please just go to the website amarilloeatsorganic.com and order if you want groceries every week. Please ORDER BY WEDNESDAY every week FOR FRIDAY DELIVERY :)
We have a Facebook page http://FB.me/AmarilloEatsOrganic with videos, updates, healthy recipes, and more! 
We also have a special insiders group on Facebook called “Amarillo Eats Organic BULK buy in” group.
Check us out on Instagram: @amarilloeatsorganic
Check us out on Pinterest for TONS of awesome healthy recipes

FAQ: Can I buy bulk items for myself only?

YES, you can and people often do.

I (Charity Godwin) am the owner and I accept pre-payment for the food, and I order the food from my house here in Amarillo. So, about a week before delivery I will send you a text message that it’s time to order. However, you can go to the website and pre-order anytime between produce delivery dates or for SAME-DAY grocery delivery for $5. I can accept the pre-payments for your food order thru the website at checkout or Venmo.
We also offer delivery (it’s free in Westcliff neighborhood) or just $5 extra outside of Westcliff neighborhood. If you live in other towns outside of Amarillo, or more than 25 miles outside of Amarillo, we can deliver for $10 but once we have 20 ppl in outlying areas the delivery fee will go away. We don’t usually ring the doorbell because it’s early. Once your order has been delivered, we will text you to notify you. DELIVERIES ARE USUALLY BETWEEN 10-1PM EVERY FRIDAY, SO PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY. 

FAQ: What time can I pick up my food?

You may pick up your food once you receive a text message that says it is time to do so. I can not give an exact time because this varies with if the produce delivery truck is on time, the weather, how many workers we have, & how many orders we have to sort. I can say that orders are usually available for pick up between *8:30AM and 12pm on delivery day- unless there’s a weather delay. (All weather delays are posted to the FB page EARLY on delivery day) If you come before we text you please be prepared to help sort:) Deliveries vary with how many drivers we have and how many deliveries we have but deliveries usually happen between 8:45 AM-1PM
Pick up is always free in Westcliff neighborhood and we have new locations forming: Foxridge, Canyon, Arden Rd, 45th/Coulter (When you place your order online, you will receive an email confirmation with the address).
We now offer curbside pickup (for Westcliff location only). Save 806-382-0096 to your phone. Take the circle drive around to the garage, and text your first and last name to 806-382-0096. We will bring your order out to you. :)
We always love it when our members like to help with sorting and or deliveries in their areas :) We can’t do this alone! Just let me know if you want to help.
*During this Covid-19 outbreak we ask that if you are running fever or sick to please let us know so we can offer to deliver your order to your doorstep in a disposable cardboard box 📦 instead of your regular bin/bag. Also please ALWAYS disinfect your entire bin/bag (including the inside and outside) before returning it to us to swap each time.
* You will also need to send $20 (there's a button on the website to add this "COMMUNITY FEE" to your cart) for us to be able to sort your food into bins/bags and for you to be able to pick up or have your food delivered in. This is a 1–time fee. We prefer if you use our bags/bins.  They are large and make it easier to sort your food if everyone has 1 of ours (instead of many) for us to keep track of and we can look to quality check your order faster. We sort small bundles into bags and large bundles into bins. We will swap bins/bags every delivery, so I should ALWAYS have ONE of yours on hand in my warehouse. If you forget to return yours or give it back damaged or unclean an inconvenience fee may apply.
*PAYPAL fees- PAYPAL payments charge us a fee. We ask that if you use PayPal to pay, please cover the fee or use another payment method. 
*RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: We accept returns or exchanges for unopened or damaged merchandise. For PRODUCE, please let us know by 8AM Saturday for a possible replacement. For GROCERY ITEMS let us know upon item's arrival.
Charity Godwin 
Amarillo Eats Organic, LLC -Owner