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Clean Water is it really important?

Clean Water is it really important?

Drinking CLEAN water may not even be something on your radar but it should be for health reasons!

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Clean Eating and Reading Labels

Clean Eating and Reading Labels

Eating organic is considered “clean eating”. Clean eating means eliminating highly processed-packaged foods w ingredients you can’t pronounce, cutting back on foods with added salt/sugar/fat, avoiding foods that are drastically altered from their natural form, & preparing and eating more foods at home.

     It’s super important to read the back label for the items your interested in purchasing, so you will know what you’re eating. For example on a conventional package of natural Jennie O turkey bacon these are the ingredients: Ingredients Mechanically Separated Turkey, Turkey, Water, Sugar, Contains 2% or Less Salt, Potassium Lactate , Natural Smoke Flavor, Flavor (Canola Oil,Natural Smoke, Natural Flavoring), Sodium Diacetate , Sodium Phosphate , Natural Flavoring, Sodium Erythorbate , Sodium Nitrite. I like to purchase sugar free paleo turkey bacon and these are the ingredients listed on my package: turkey, water, sea salt, cultured celery powder, paprika, white pepper, onion powder. There’s a huge difference between what I can pronounce between these 2 items, and the healthier package of bacon is the second one without all of the unhealthy added ingredients. 

        Nitrites can cause migraines, if you eat too many foods with sodium phosphate as an additive it can cause kidney problems, sodium diacetate is a preservative that can cause itching, burning, dry skin, rash & more! Sodium laurel sulfate is another ingredient best stayed away from but it’s a challenge because it is everywhere. Many additives and preservatives in our food and body care products are considered hormone disrupters, many can cause autoimmune diseases, & other issues. Our FDA in America are not as concerned about additives and preservatives as other countries. In other countries, for example they have banned many of these unhealthy ingredients. America has much to learn. For help on learning about any harmful side effects from your cleaning and beauty products I recommend the “think dirty” app where you can type in any products and see if they are healthy or not. For your foods, keep reading those labels and try to eat clean foods as close to their natural state as much as possible for lifelong health benefits. 

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The Magic Pill

There is a super informative documentary I once watched on Netflix called “The Magic Pill”. I believe they have since removed it, but you can still find it by searching online. In the documentary, they follow a few people with health issues like autism, diabetes, low thyroid, & asthma for 6 weeks. They taught and encouraged healthy diet and lifestyle changes.

          The makers of the documentary challenged people to eat clean & incorporate exercise. They went through the participants pantry and fridge to read labels and get rid of any items that were unhealthy. They then taught the participants to eat healthy fats with their meals (organic olive oil, avocado oil, unrefined coconut oil, avocados, ....) (Studies have shown that eating avocados can help lower blood sugar.) Basically they proved that healthy fats don’t  make you fat- eating trans fats, processed foods, artificial sugars, and not exercising DOES! At the end of the participants 6 weeks they were all so much healthier, they were able to stop taking their prescription medications under their doctor’s supervision. The asthmatic no longer needed inhaler, the diabetic no longer needed medications to lower blood sugar, the autistic child’s brain was able to respond so much better that she was able to talk again. The American diet is very carb laden, and the documentary proved that increasing  healthy fats into these people’s diets was the exact fuel source their bodies needed. (I’m not against carbs at all, but it’s important to incorporate healthy carbs as a source for energy.)

        I tried for years to get my parents on board with trying clean eating. I recommended this documentary to them and they watched it. They decided to change their lifestyle when my mom came down with an autoimmune disease called CREST Syndrome. My mom was to the point she couldn’t walk without a lot of pain. My dad switched their diets and cleaned out their pantry and guess what?! 6 weeks later my mom was walking without any pain. The inflammation that caused the pain went away with their clean eating. 

        There’s not one magic pill 💊, shake, exercise machine, or diet to help your complete health. There are special health benefits from every organic fruit and vegetable, though. A simple change in perspective with healthy lifestyle changes which include eating 5 servings of organic veggies and 2-3 servings of organic fruits daily, exercise, less sugar, more healthy fats, & clean eating can get you on the right track for a healthier tomorrow.

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