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  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS FOR REAL TASTE: You’ll fall for our new Cinnamon Vanilla Water Lily Pops. This sweet treat is reminiscent of crunchy kettle corn, paired with cinnamon and real vanilla. Cure your caramel popcorn craving with a lighter, healthier option!
  • A SWEET NEW TWIST: We’re excited to offer two new flavors - Cinnamon Vanilla and Cookie Crunch. These sweet flavors are a perfect complement to our existing 5 savory flavors. Now there’s a perfect Water Lily Pop for whatever flavor you’re craving.
  • PLANT BASED PROTEIN: With 8 grams of vegetarian protein per bag, you will finally have a great answer to the dreaded question... “but where do you get your protein”?
  • CLEAN EATING: Taali Water Lily Pops new sweet flavors fit into any healthy diet - they are gluten free, soy free, corn free, dairy free, certified non GMO, and do not contain artificial flavors or ingredients. Taali takes pride in using real ingredients that taste great!
  • POP. EAT. REPEAT: Rich in protein and antioxidants, Taali will leave you feeling satisfied with fewer calories. With 67% less fat & 20% less calories than the leading popcorn brand, you won’t be able to get enough of this sweet guilt-free treat.