Spero The Herb Sunflower Cream Cheese 6.5 oz

0.41 lb

The #1 Selling Spero Cream Cheese.

Creamy dreamy Sunflower Cream Cheese with delicious herb blend.

Pairs well with: toasts, bagels, pastas (pesto?!), sandwiches, Italian foods, salads, wraps, or with wine and crackers. (Add some to your scrambled eggs so yummy!)

Spread it, spoon it, dip it, bake it, or whisk it up & make it saucy!


Ships fresh & refrigerated! Can be frozen & then thawed in fridge to make it last forevaaaaaaa.

💪6 Clean Ingredients. No gums or additives.

🍒Probiotics for gut health. Antioxidants.

🌎🌱Skip dairy. Skip Nuts. Eat Sunflower Cream Cheese & SAVE:

400🚿SHOWERS, 20k🚗MILES, & 1🌏 /yr*

!! Plantbased & keto !! 


*Packaging is made with recyclable plastic. :) **est.