Siete Chorizo Skillet Seasoning packet 1.29 oz

0.08 lb
Our Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice is inspired by our family’s first chorizo pioneers, and the heart and soul they put into creating a dish for the family to gather around and enjoy. You see, chorizo was a staple in our house growing up. Our mom, Aida, used to make homemade chorizo con huevo and serve it with tortillas fresh off the comal. And just as our Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice was inspired by Aida, her delicious chorizo recipe was inspired by memories of her mother, our Grandma Campos—sifting, sautéingand seasoning pork with spices straight from her kitchen cupboard to get it juuuust right! Like grandmother, like mother, like daughter, right? Made from simple ingredients apple cider vinegar, chile, and garlic (and none of the kitchen-cabinet guesswork), you can enjoy the flavor of chorizo in traditional dishes like chorizo con huevo or papas con chorizo. Simply add our all-in-one Chorizo Skillet Cooking Spice to potatoes, ground proteins, minced mushrooms, tofu or whatever your heart dreams, really!