Pumfu Chorizo Crumbles by Foodies Vegan

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Pumfu Chorizo Crumbles are made using Foodies Vegan's game-changing Pumfu, which is an awesome plant-based protein made from organic pumpkin seeds!

Chorizo Crumbles takes convenience to a whole new level, they're super versatile and easy to prepare for all your favorite meals.

Seasoned with the classic flavor of mexican chorizo sausage, they're perfect for nachos, burritos, tacos, chili and so much more.  Just heat and serve in the microwave, on the stove top, or bake into any meal for a hearty, meaty addition any time!

8 oz. (227g) packages are $6.99 each.


Ingredients: Pumfu (orgainc pumpkin seeds, filtered water), tapioca starch, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste (tomatoes, citric acid), molasses, sunflower oil, spices, sea salt