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Imagine the smell of warm, blueberry pie wafting into your cute lil nostrils. ✨ Slightly sweet and fruity, with a comforting graham cracker crust. Now blend that goodness up into a silky smooth spread — and you've got Blueberry Granola Butter. 

We sourced ~only the best~ for you kweens. Each batch is handmade with organic, apple juice-sweetened (!) blueberries ♥️  No refined sugar here.

Our favorite ways to eat it 👇 

- drizzled over vanilla ice cream 🍦 
- with plain skyr + fresh berries 🍓 
- on toast with sliced banana 🍌 

    This is made with allergen-free coconut oil — the allergenic proteins are removed in processing and it's safe for those with coconut allergies to consume.

    ALLERGEN FRIENDLY, SCHOOL SAFE, VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, NUT FREE made in nut free facility, soon to be certified organic