Jovial Organic Sourdough Einhorn Crackers, Rosemary

0.28 lb

An ancient grain, Einkorn dates back to the birth of agriculture more than 10,000 years ago, and has never been hybridized or modified in any way. This is wheat, the way nature intended it.

Einkorn has 40 percent more protein, 15% less starch and a lot more flavor than modern wheat. It’s also much easier to digest, so it can be a safe alternative if you have a gluten sensitivity. (Not gluten-free, however.)

Studies have shown that the DNA of Einkorn’s gluten structure is different because Einkorn lacks certain high molecular weight glutens that are present in other types of wheat. You can bake great bread with einkorn, yet because the gluten is very weak, you won’t have such a problem digesting it.

Einkorn means “one grain” in German.  It has only one grain attached to each stem, so it produces one-fifth the yield of modern wheat, and it’s very difficult to harvest and mill. Jovial planted 50 acres of it in 2009 and is now the world’s largest producer of this rare and delicious grain.

Jovial’s artisan bakers have been baking bread in Bologna, Italy, since 1965. They use Einkorn sourdough to slowly and naturally leaven their crackers, without commercial yeast or chemical leavening agents. One batch takes nearly 24 hours because they refresh the starter, mix a pre-ferment which is left to proof overnight, then the final dough is mixed in the morning, left to rise again and  baked at low temperatures so the crackers stay light and flavorful. They do not add sugar, natural flavors or emulsifiers to their crackers.

*Allergen Information: Contains Wheat. Made in a dedicated facility free from milk, eggs, fish shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts and soy.