Kettle & Fire Beef Broth 32 oz

2.0 lb
$6.78 $6.79

We created a deliciously simple, high quality beef cooking broth - with pleasant, meaty flavor notes from REAL beef bone broth (instead of generic stock). Get ready to treat yourself - and whomever you invite to dinner.

  • Perfect for cooking enthusiasts and 30-minute chefs. Whether you’re new to cooking or have been using the same stock for years, you’re in for a flavorful treat.

  • Elevate family meals by adding to any recipe that calls for stock. 

  • Rich and savory flavor; taste (and feel) the difference our superior, clean-ingredient cooking broth makes!

  • Made with minimal, clean ingredients. Low carb, no sugar, only the good stuff. 

  • Quick and convenient 32oz cartons with flip top resealable lids for easy fridge storage.