Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix 1 lb

1.0 lb
$4.25 $4.26
This easy-to-use mix is made in Bob's Red Mill's designated gluten-free facility, where all products undergo rigorous testing for gluten contamination, so you can feel confident about serving them to patrons with celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, or wheat allergies. This pizza crust mix is made from a blend of brown rice flour, millet flour, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, potato starch, and sea salt that yields a delicious flavor and irresistible texture!

To create mouthwatering, gluten-free pizza crust from this mix, combine it with eggs, warm water, olive oil, and activated yeast, then toss the dough on an oiled pizza pan and bake until it's golden-brown! The result is a light, crispy, crunchy, delicious pizza crust that's practically begging to be covered in melty mozzarella cheese and your favorite toppings. But this gluten free pizza crust mix isn't just for pizzas! You can also use it to create flatbreads, cheese breads, bread sticks, stromboli, donuts, bagels, pretzels, and even cinnamon rolls. The possibilities for this gluten free mix are virtually endless, so it's essential to stock up with this 25 lb. bulk bag to stay in good supply for all of your culinary creations!