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Mediterranean Red Radish Slaw

Mediterranean Red Radish Slaw

Red Radishes are so healthy!! Check out this Mediterranean Red Radish Slaw Recipe!

-Eliminates mucus/clears sinuses (nature’s sinus pill)

-Alleviates digestive distress and regulates bowels

-Protects against cancers in mouth, stomach, & colon.

-high in Vit C & zinc to boost immune system

-Detox superfood that helps purge toxins

-Reduces inflammation & eases pain/swelling

-Helps lower blood pressure/ prevents cardiovascular disease

-Helps purify kidneys & urinary system

-Prevents problems linked with asthma & bronchitis

-Useful in treating jaundice and healing the liver

Charity Godwin
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Roasted broccolini & carrots

Roasted broccolini & carrots

Roasted broccolini & carrots! So easy just sprinkle w olive oil and seasonings roast on 400 for 20 mins!
Charity Godwin
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🎉Making Ceviche w the jicama from last weeks bundle!🎉

This recipe is so versatile!! You can use tuna or white fish any protein really! Really great to use with some cassava chips for a treat!


White fish, cooked

Avocado 🥑, diced

Mango 🥭, diced

Jalapeno, diced

Jicama, diced

Celery diced

Leftover grilled corn 🌽 

Cucumber 🥒 diced

Garlic 🧄 chopped

Red onion diced

Olive oil

Lime juice


Salt & pepper

Charity Godwin
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