Clean Water is it really important?

Clean Water is it really important?

⁉️Did you know that you have to be an advocate for your health with EVERYTHING you put inside or on your body?! The FDA in the US is not near as strict here as they are in other countries like Europe! 


💦 ➡️🛑The Cancer-Causing Chemical Probably in Your Drinking Water Researchers are starting to focus on dioxane, a potential carcinogen that’s starting to show up in tests of tap water. You probably haven’t heard of the chemical dioxane. But there’s a good chance you’ve been drinking it.❌


➡️Drinking CLEAN water may not even be something on your radar but it should be for health reasons! 


➡️Be careful from drinking out of water bottles with BPA in the plastic too. Plastics can cause cancer in your body. Get a filter or buy clean water at stores. Natural Grocers has a water station and WaterStill is great at cleaning water. 


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